Minimalist or Hoarder? A goal for 2017

Hoarding is something we normally see on the television or hear about from someone who knows someone who is a hoarder…

Minimalism seems to be what a lot of people are leaning towards- but not extreme minimalism! Goodness no.

I’m not going to do any kind of in depth research about this. Not right now. Maybe not ever. What I will do is admit that maybe I’ve been leaning(or falling) into the hoarder side of things for a couple of months now. Okay. Years. It just kind of creeps up on you. (That’s what they all say…)

Suddenly you realize that there is a lot of stuff in your house/apartment/condo/boat/box. And you’re only actually able to use 1/10th of that stuff because everything else is packed away or shoved into any available space so that you can have more available space for the other junk, I mean treasures, that you bring home.


See how uncluttered this cart is?

What am I getting at? I’m pretty sure I’m not a hoarder. I’m also pretty sure I won’t fall under the minimalist description anytime soon. I never make a resolution when we enter a new year. I do write down some goals and that works well for me.


The bottom part of the same cart…

This year, I have one big goal: to get rid of 200 items in my home. Once a week I will take a picture of the box of items that I am getting rid of. I will also list the items here so I will have a tally. All items will be leaving my home to go to the thrift store or someone else who really wants it. I won’t be storing any of those items in my home for a later date- they must leave the house within a week of entering the box.

If you think you would like to join me in this goal/challenge- tell me in the comments. I’m rooting for you! We can do this! We’re not going to be hoarders!!!


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