Makeup Organization: How to store my makeup collection?

Seriously, this is a never ending question. Where to store all of the makeup we are collecting…? There are so many great ideas out there!

Should I go this route, with a great frame/magnetic setup a la LauraThoughts81?14-03-2011018

Then there is the Alex drawer from IKEA… This is great for storing a growing collection.


Or the even bigger Alex unit from IKEA


Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

This glass top vanity from LizMarieBlog is pretty amazing –


I could try these stick on pods for convenient storage, wherever I like –


A low cost option is using ice cube trays for storage of smaller items –


DVD racks are a great way to organize palettes!


Or I could always use these catchall storage bins, available on Amazon


This unit, available on Etsy


Or I could repurpose an old jewelry organizer


So much makeup, so many options!!

How do you organize your makeup?



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