Another week, another box! This week I didn’t really get a chance to sit down and go through any boxes or piles. Boy, that sounds bad. Sounds like I have loads of junk all over the place. Oh wait…I do. Heehee.

It’s okay, because I’m really getting something accomplished now! Years of nothing, and now I take bags every week to the thrift store. I’m actually starting to see a difference too. It feels great!

The Box


The Contents

  • small basket
  • pedometer
  • box of note cards
  • small tin of moisturizing cream
  • loaf pan
  • 13 kitchen utensils
  • 2 containers of beads
  • 3 bottles of aftershave
  • 18 pieces of clothing

41 items this week- bringing the grand total to 206! Wow- what if I hit 1,200 months before the end of the year? That would be great. So great.

If you feel overwhelmed with stuff everywhere, I encourage you to try this too. Just filling one box or bag a week with things to donate, or even give to friends to enjoy, makes a difference over time.

Take care of yourself today- do something for yourself. Read, bake, knit, shave your head, put on that risqué color of lipstick- enjoy it!


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