Spring is coming- get out your seed catalogs!

Have you noticed it? It’s getting warmer and warmer. I can actually see brown grass in our yard. Yes, it’s surrounded by a lot of snow- but it.is.there. Imagine a weird, almost creepy grin right now. That is what is on my face!



Tiny leaf, soon you shall be free!


I took my DD out today for a little sledding and it was gorgeous. The sun was shining so much that I couldn’t see anything for a minute when we came back inside. Has that ever happened to you? I’m going to show you some pictures of what we saw while exploring.



This is a wild apple tree. It looks like two trees, but there’s just a lot of snow…

This is the time of year when DH and I get a little antsy. We start looking at seed catalogs, tree catalogs, and, dare I say it, hatchery catalogs. Yes, we look forward to receiving the Fedco and Cackle Hatchery mail. Chicks and ducklings will start to show up at Tractor Supply. DH has to physically remove me from the store. Maybe it’s cabin fever?




That’s a pine tree. Right in the middle of a field of wild strawberries. Not pictured: wild strawberries.

I’m just going to say it. I think that Punxsutawney Phil was wrong this year, I’m going to have to agree with Staten Island Chuck’s weather prediction. (If you click on that link, just be aware that they give a little more information on the origins of Groundhog Day than you may actually want to know about.) It just does seem that spring is here earlier. I know we could still get more snow, and we usually do up here in Northern Maine. However, I think it might be milder than normal.




Those branches are actually grape vines. So delicious. The grapes are delicious, not the vines.

Either way, this weather is inspiring me to get out the catalogs, make plans for the garden(actually, DH is the real gardener- I just tell him the seeds I want), and maybe add a few new critters around here.




Why does this dog always show up in my pictures?


What does spring mean in your home? Are you ready for it?




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