Mask Monday: BioBelle #iwokeuplikethis sheet mask

Today we’re looking at the BioBelle #iwokeuplikethis mask with Wild Rose & Vitamin C. This mask is non-toxic, with no parabens, GMOs or gluten, and is “infused with proven, naturally derived substances, essential oils and gentle preservatives, with visible effects after just the first use.” I thought the packaging was really cute.


This mask smelled a little bit like roses, which makes sense, since they’re supposed to be an active ingredient.

I liked this mask pretty well. It felt cooling on the skin, and maybe a little bit tingly. It actually stayed on my face, which is always nice for a sheet mask. Once I removed the mask and rinsed my face off, as per the directions, my skin really felt quite nice! I was very pleased. My skin felt and looked really smooth and taut, and my face looked less red and blemishes were not as apparent — some of the things that the packaging promised!

Overall, I was duly impressed — this is one of the only masks I’ve tried that actually made a noticeable (not major, but definitely noticeable) improvement with just the 20 minutes the mask was on! Yay! I’ll definitely try this again!



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