Hi! I’m Beks. I’m a New Yorker with a lovely husband. I collect cats.

Hi! I’m SAJ. I live in Maine with my husband and our daughter. We have some small farm animals and cold winters.

So, why Sugarplums? Well, our youngest sister accidentally swore in front of her daughter… right about the time that our darling niece (DN) was first learning to talk. The inevitable happened, and all of a sudden, DN sounded like a really adorable sailor. Of course, youngest sister started making efforts to replace that word with others, and one of those words she’d say was sugarplums/sugarpuffs!

We feel like Sugarplums! is an appropriate commentary on what it’s like to be a mom/aunt/etc. in a modern family. 🙂

We’re also MakeupAmateurs. We love an eyeshadow palette, a new shade of lipstick, and pretty nails, but we don’t necessarily know what we’re actually doing…