Unboxing! Amazon Luxury Beauty Box

I finally finished editing this video. There were a lot of items in this box, so it was originally a looong video. Lots of editing. Take a look- tell us what you think! Maybe you use some of the products in this box- let us know!



UNBOXING! Walmart Fall 2016 Beauty Box

Alright! Will there be makeup? There’s only one way to find out.:)  Here is the video (that I promised you yesterday) which took forever to upload, because for some of us there is a steep learning curve all.the.time. And you can’t do it all at once when your little one is trying to feed the dogs all of your Ritz crackers.

I hope you like it! I’ll have another video to upload in the next few days- the Amazon Luxury Beauty Box. Interested? I was!

More to come!