Mask Monday: Biobelle #staygorgeous Face Mask

This week we have the Biobelle #staygorgeous Face Mask.

DH of course is a trooper, so he took one for the team this week. We’ve liked Biobelle masks in the past, so I was looking forward to seeing how this one performed. The #staygorgeous mask promises to “hydrate and nourish your skin” using almond oil and vitamin E.

DH reports that the mask smelled really nice and felt pretty good on the face. He thought it was refreshing on the skin, and actually did what it claimed — hydrated and nourished the skin. So far, we’re 2 for 2 with the Biobelle masks!

What is your favorite mask? Do you prefer sheet masks or spread on masks?




Mask Monday: BioBelle #iwokeuplikethis sheet mask

Today we’re looking at the BioBelle #iwokeuplikethis mask with Wild Rose & Vitamin C. This mask is non-toxic, with no parabens, GMOs or gluten, and is “infused with proven, naturally derived substances, essential oils and gentle preservatives, with visible effects after just the first use.” I thought the packaging was really cute.


This mask smelled a little bit like roses, which makes sense, since they’re supposed to be an active ingredient.

I liked this mask pretty well. It felt cooling on the skin, and maybe a little bit tingly. It actually stayed on my face, which is always nice for a sheet mask. Once I removed the mask and rinsed my face off, as per the directions, my skin really felt quite nice! I was very pleased. My skin felt and looked really smooth and taut, and my face looked less red and blemishes were not as apparent — some of the things that the packaging promised!

Overall, I was duly impressed — this is one of the only masks I’ve tried that actually made a noticeable (not major, but definitely noticeable) improvement with just the 20 minutes the mask was on! Yay! I’ll definitely try this again!