Unboxing! Ipsy: March 2017

So I have a couple of the same items that Beks got in her bag- but the rest was different. If you haven’t seen her unboxing video, well it was the last post on here…scroll down and check it out! It’ll be fun to compare the bags anyhow.:)

Ignore the goofy face I’m wearing- take a look at the goodies Ipsy sent. It was good, but I’m kind of kicking myself for not rating the items in my last bag on their site. I really think it makes a difference.

Did you get an Ipsy bag this month? Do you think giving ratings on the items makes any difference?

How am I supposed to follow that?!

Okay- great job, Josh! Thanks for helping us with yesterday’s unboxing video!

I realized that I’m a little behind in uploading videos today. Perhaps I’ve gotten a tad carried away with the videos. No. That’s not possible. So, I’m going to try to put them out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until we’re caught up! I know this is intense. Some might even say extreme, but I think we can do it!

It’s a little hard to follow the rare male unboxing video- so just bear with me. I’ll be uploading my Ipsy unboxing video tomorrow. My very first Ipsy bag. Sigh. 🙂

Because I’m cheap, I mean frugal, I purchased a Target Advent calendar after Christmas at half the price.


My plan is to make a short video(around 3 minutes) for each of the 12 days of Beauty Faves on this calendar. I may just put a link to each video here instead of actually posting it here- I haven’t decided yet. Interesting little tidbit: I checked Target’s site and the calendar is back to the original price of $24.99! What?! Maybe it’s just some sort of error…

Thanks to everyone that took a look at the Target Men’s Unboxing!