Target Advent Calendar: Day One!

On Tuesday, I said I would start to upload videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until we’re caught up. I didn’t know how soon I would start Target’s 12 Days of Beauty Faves calendar. It’s today! I’m planning on making a short video for each of the 12 days.

I’m a little obsessed with the videos. My apologies for the lighting and ucky coloring in the background. Bad combination.

Also, I checked Target’s site again and they marked the calendar down to $14.99. So the price has been bouncing around. Did you like the product from Day 1? Do you think you’ll purchase this calendar?

Wishing you a cozy weekend!


p.s. I paid for this box with my own money, and my opinions are my own(especially the dorky ones.)


Is this what a heating pad is for?

Today I woke up with some awful back pain and found it difficult to move. Yay. So the girls out in the barn gave me quizzical looks and continued to chew on their hay as I less-than-gracefully checked their accommodations.



“Why are you walking like that?”


I know, I know! What is this? A farm blog?!

Okay- moving on…I thought I would show you the amazing wreath I made. When I say amazing I actually mean…incredibly simplistic in all ways. It took me a long time because my child was running around and trying to destroy decorations as I made it. I didn’t take more pictures because I didn’t think I was going to blog about it, but here we are.


I was going to put some more pinecones on, but I didn’t have anymore at the time so I just left it. And put it on my door. I smile when I see it, because I actually made one this year. Even if it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted it to be- I’m still glad it’s there. Boo to perfectionism!

Where’s the beauty stuff?

Due to my great fascination with unboxing videos- I have made my own! Yes, that’s right. Only I can’t spend a ton of money on it, so…the first video I will be uploading is the Walmart Fall Beauty Box! (For all of you that are rolling your eyes: Hey! I’ve got to start somewhere! Don’t be a hater…) There will be more unboxings to come. That being said- I won’t be uploading it until tomorrow. So stay tuned.


p.s. If you want to put on some lipstick or eat a bowl of ice cream today- go ahead and enjoy it! 🙂 I’m going to grab that heating pad.

Enjoying the View?

That’s right! Who doesn’t enjoy a glimpse into the life of someone they don’t know? Not in a creepy way. Just in an “I’m gonna sit and eat my breakfast while I read about your life” way. That’s why I love blogs. People are giving you a chance to see what’s happening in their lives and they actually want you to see it!!! I love checking my favorite blogs- sometimes they have a great post, sometimes you wish you had those 3-5 minutes back, and then there are the posts that are okay. Actually, I like those okay posts. It offers me that glimpse into another person’s life and reminds me that they aren’t perfect all the time. Yup- I like those posts the best. (Don’t get me wrong. I still want some of those great posts every now and then.) I like that they are sharing with you these little things about themselves that you can relate to.

So I’m just going to post things on here and hopefully some people will check it out and every now and then they’ll get that same feeling I get: familiarity. Familiarity without having to get dressed up, get in the car, put on deodorant…. I mean, you can do all those things. I’m just saying that I’m not gonna judge you if you don’t. 🙂img_1931This is what it looks like where I live in Maine. We’ve been getting some snow recently and I’m starting to think there is going to be a lot more this winter. I don’t mind the snow, but I know a lot of other people strongly dislike it… So, it’s that time of year I guess. That’s my classy weathervane by the way! It’s a rooster in case you can’t tell. And those funky looking sticks…Hmm- I don’t know why they are there. Either they are a reminder not to mow the plants just below those sticks or they are marking spots that should not be plowed. img_1218Here’s a cute photo from this spring. Sorry for the poor quality. He looks a little scruffy, but I’m sure he’s looking much nicer this time of year.

Beks and I will be posting here about beauty products, mom stuff, and anything else we feel like writing about. Keep stopping in! Leave a comment! I’d like to hear what’s going on with you too.