Mask Monday: Alba Botanica Fast Fix Sheet Mask Grapefruit Even Tone

It’s Mask Monday again, and today we have — surprise, surprise — a mask to try!!

This week’s mask is theĀ Alba Botanica Fast Fix Sheet Mask Grapefruit Even Tone.


This mask promises to “vanish visible pores, soothe redness and lighten shadows, giving skin a soft, even glow.”

This mask felt quite tingly when on — not too much, but the Amazon reviews indicated there could be issues… It smelled nice and felt like it was actually doing something on my face, which is always nice. When I removed the mask, my pores did appear smaller. However, as soon as DH saw me, he said that my face was red and I looked like I was having a reaction to the mask… So that’s fun.

I’m not usually looking for redness and reactions when I try masks, so I may steer clear of this in the future.

Have you ever tried this mask? What did you think?