Unboxing: Target Advent Calendar | Day 8

Woot! Today we have another day in the Target Advent Calendar! We’re more than half done now!

What did you think? Did you like today’s item?


Beks and SAJ

Target Advent Calendar: Day 4!

It’s Monday, and that means we have a video for you. Yay! If you’ve used the product in this video- please let me know how you liked it. 🙂

Today, Target’s February beauty box was released and I wasn’t sure whether I should get it or not. It was priced at $10.00 which is on the high end of what they charge for a box. You can see some of what will come in the box, so I checked it out. They had a mascara in it and it looks like it’s from a more natural company, so I got it. 🙂

Truthfully, by the time I get the box in the mail I will have forgotten what will be in it. That’s good though, it will make it more fun when I open it!

I’m going to be going through a couple of totes that are full of clothes in the next few days. This is in the hope that I will have more to show for my decluttering efforts on this Thursday’s declutter post. I’m crossing my fingers!

Thankfully we are through with the stomach virus here! And that meant a lot of dishes to be washed. And laundry. And there was plenty of wiping doorknobs and light switch covers. Bleh.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? Are you going to grab a Target beauty box? Have you successfully kept yourself from getting sick so far this winter?


Target Advent Calendar: Day 3!

This weekend went by so quickly!

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Today felt a little bit like that to me. Perhaps that is why I am typing on a laptop in a dark room just before midnight. Hoping I don’t wake a baby. Or a little dog that barks easily. That would get the other dog going, don’t cha know?

I had a list of things to accomplish. Some things were done, but they all took a little more time than expected.

Life doesn’t go the way you plan most of the time! Back to the task at hand…

The Video

Fun fact: my little dog started barking while I was filming this video and I was completely oblivious. Also, I completely forgot to say the name of the nail color. It was Twilight Twinkle. Skills– that’s what I got.

Anyway, despite not completing my list for the day, I am still hopeful. Let’s get something accomplished this week, and let’s also be realistic about it.

Did you like Day 3’s item? How are you doing? Any goals for this week?


Target Advent Calendar: Day 2!

What a day! My internet wasn’t working earlier today so I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to post. I’m happy to be connected again! It’s time for the second day of 12 Days of Beauty Faves!

As I was editing this video, I caught myself cringing a lot. I was pretty tired when I filmed this particular video, and it seems I had a lot of trouble focusing. Maybe this can be used as evidence that people need a good amount of sleep to function properly. Yes…

I hope you all are doing well and having an enjoyable week. It’s pretty cold here- but I think it’d be good weather for snowshoeing or cross country skiing. We’ve got the snow, and with the sun out- it just makes activities like those lovely. I really like snowshoeing; I need to make some time for it.

Only 2 more days until Friday! Woohoo! What are you up to? What do you need to make time for?


p.s. Tomorrow I will be posting an update on my No Hoarding Here Challenge. I don’t know about that name. I’ll have to think about it. Be sure to check out what I’m getting rid of. 🙂