Unboxing: Target Advent Calendar | Day 8

Woot! Today we have another day in the Target Advent Calendar! We’re more than half done now!

What did you think? Did you like today’s item?


Beks and SAJ


Target Advent Calendar: Day 3!

This weekend went by so quickly!

Sometimes it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Today felt a little bit like that to me. Perhaps that is why I am typing on a laptop in a dark room just before midnight. Hoping I don’t wake a baby. Or a little dog that barks easily. That would get the other dog going, don’t cha know?

I had a list of things to accomplish. Some things were done, but they all took a little more time than expected.

Life doesn’t go the way you plan most of the time! Back to the task at hand…

The Video

Fun fact: my little dog started barking while I was filming this video and I was completely oblivious. Also, I completely forgot to say the name of the nail color. It was Twilight Twinkle. Skills– that’s what I got.

Anyway, despite not completing my list for the day, I am still hopeful. Let’s get something accomplished this week, and let’s also be realistic about it.

Did you like Day 3’s item? How are you doing? Any goals for this week?


Happy New Year! (Also, I love Mrs. Meyer’s.)

Back from the holiday break. As refreshed as one can be with a small child.:) Let’s do this!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break if you were on one… I enjoyed spending time with family. I also enjoyed going to fancy places that are normally a few hours from me. Target, Old Navy, Aldi, TJ Maxx, and of course Wendy’s. Mmm. Wendy’s. So much fun. And I got to go to many of these exotic destinations with Beks. Even better!

So, um. I still haven’t finished editing the Amazon Luxury Beauty Box video. Ugh! What a slacker!

Okay. I’ve forgiven myself.

Today’s topic: My love of Mrs. Meyer’s products. Specifically the dish and hand soaps. Even more specific- the seasonal scents. Oh my. I subscribe to Grove Collaborative, with my own money(This is a new blog, people! Ain’t nobody sponsoring us!). Grove lets you shop for natural cleaning and personal care products on their website. You choose what you want, and they deliver it to you. All at a very reasonable cost- although I paid a little extra for the VIP service. What? You get gifts and free shipping. Done and done!



Some fall scents: Mum & the beloved Apple Cider


I didn’t think this was a big deal at first. I used to go to several different stores looking for the best deal- especially on natural cleaning products because they tend to be more expensive. Grove’s prices are quite reasonable, typically cheaper where I live. And I love that I’m not driving all over to scope out the best deal. When you have a kid in a car seat- you’re usually looking to eliminate a few stops!



Winter Scents: Peppermint, Orange Clove, and Iowa Pine


Anyway, I have been getting Mrs. Meyer’s products from them and I think they work really well- especially for a natural cleaner. The seasonal scents are amazing! The Apple Cider scent actually makes me smile when I use it. Delicious!

Just thought I would share! Have you used Mrs. Meyer’s products? Got a favorite? How’s your year going so far?

Take a minute for yourself today. Better yet, take twenty- you need it! Seriously.


BTW- all of the opinions in here are my own, the products were paid for with my own money, and if there are any affiliate links here- well, that’s just because I’m hopeful! Anything I recommend here, I recommend because I like it myself and think that maybe you will too.