Mask Monday: SNP Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Sheet

It’s Mask Monday again! Time for another mask review. This week we have another SNP (Shining Nature Purity) mask — the Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask Sheet. This mask is another in the line that has cute animal artwork to make the mask experience extra fun.


This mask “provides intense supply of nutrition to reinforce skin firmness and elasticity.” It contains 850mg of lime water, as well as witch hazel.

Honestly, I did not like the art on this mask. 😦 It wasn’t as cute as I was hoping, which kinda takes away from it, especially since the mask is $5 for one.


However, the mask smelled good and felt nice on my face. It left my face feeling moisturized and healthy. I’ll try more SNP products in the future.

Have you ever tried SNP masks? Did you like them?




Mask Monday: SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask Sheet Review

SNP (Shining Nature Purity) Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask Sheet is a “wrinkle care mask to boost dulling skin cells with elastic energy leaving skin radiant and resilient.”


This is a super cute mask intended to “replenish resilient energy to make skin firm and lustrous.” It contains 750mg of coconut water, as well as witch hazel.

My wonderful DH, trooper that he is, agreed to give this mask a try on Super Bowl Sunday (Go Patriots!) .


DH reports that the mask smelled good. 🙂 Which means it could smell like anything from roses to pumpkin pie. Not clear. DH said that he didn’t like this mask as much because you can’t tell if it’s working right away. He loves pore strips and peel off masks, because at least you see that something is happening. Ah well. Worth a try!